Hi there,

Mike Field-Dodgson here, my name is a bit of a mouth full so I am better known as Mike FD. I have been around for a while and because of my background I have some expertise in the health, wellness and lifestyle areas.

My qualifications include an M. Sc. in Life Sciences, and an MBA in Business Development.

I am married, and have been for 42 years – to Sally. We have two daughters aged 22 and 26. So if you do your sums, the previous data means I am “longish in the tooth” and we waited some time to have children.

This was partly because Sally is a National Dressage representative and had a goal to represent New Zealand. We decided we couldn’t do both in an enjoyable fashion, so Sally achieved her horsey goals first and then we started a family. Needless to say we are a horsey family, living on a farm in the country for which we are very grateful.

I enjoy writing and sharing knowledge. Because of my scientific background I also enjoy researching topics to get to the truth. There is a lot of “bumf”out there – A term my Father used to describe published content that was not only superficial in nature, but written awkwardly as well. In saying this I am not suggesting that all the content I publish is insightful and flows like beautiful prose, but I hope it is easily read and understood!

I apologise if some of my writing seems a bit dry – this is a throw back to my years as a scientist and I do try to break away from this sort of writing. but when you do something for quite a long time it takes a bit of effort to change! Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

All the best,

Mike FD