Hair Falling Out – What Are The Common Causes.

Hair Falling Out In Men And Women is caused by:

 Our body is constantly changing, and some of the changes tend to be more awkward for us than others. Perhaps the most unsettling change for most people can be their hair falling out, called Alopecia. Hair loss is very common and though people tend to think it mostly affects men, women are also victims to hair fall. There are many different types of hair loss that effect both men and women, but there are ways for the treatment of Alopecia to reverse and/or slow down the hair fall discussed elsewhere on this site. Click Here  

There is an immense amount of research being undertaken at present to solve the hair loss problem – a lot of it involves research  into using stem cells, and investigating the follicles in areas where hair loss is not so frequent – like the neck. For this reason I think it is wise to use “physical” means of  managing our hair fall now, to ensure our internal systems don’t hinder any future positive treatments we may be able to take advantage of later on.

 Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia

 One of the most common results of hair falling out is known as Androgenetic Alopecia. This is commonly known as male pattern baldness. Don’t let the name fool you however, women can also fall victim to Alopecia, but it is the leading thing to cause  hairloss in men. What causes Androgenetic Alopecia? Unfortunately, hormones and genetics play the strongest part.

Patterns of Hair Falling oute

                                                                                                   The different patterns of hairloss in men and women

What happens is that over time the hair follicles in your head begin to shrink which results in thin hair being produced by the follicle. After shrinking for some time, the follicle eventually stops producing hair all together so resulting in scalp hair loss. 

 Trichotillomania, A Behavioural Problem That Causes Hair Fall

 Another common type of behaviour that results in losing hair is known as Trichotillomania. Trichotillomania is caused by a mental disorder, which is similar to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) where people have no control over their actions under certain circumstances. People who suffer from Trichotillomania pull their own hair out of their head during times of heavy stress. After twisting and pulling some hair out for some time, thin hair is the result. Unfortunately, since Trichotillomania is an impulse disorder, sufferers will continue to pull the hair from their head, until the follicle stops producing hair all together.

 Stress Can Have a Big Impact on Thinning Hair

 The other reasons for hair falling out aren’t so much types of hair loss, but are more like associated causes. Stress has many negative effects on the human body including weight loss and chest pain. Your hair is also likely to fall victim to stress producing hair fall or thinning hair. Your hair follows a specific growth cycle and stress levels can slow that cycle down or temporarily stop the process completely. The good news about stress baldness is the hair is likely to grow back when the cause of the stress is gone.

Sheep Produce Weak Wool Fibers When Stressed

Stress and hair or wool weakness is found in animals. For example, if sheep become stressed either because of bad weather conditions and lack of adequate food, especially pregnant ewes, weak fibers are produced. What is known as a “break” occurs in the wool where a section of weak hair was produced during the stressful period. When conditions improved, however, healthy wool continues to grow again.

 A Poor Diet and Hair Falling Out

 Growing hair is effected by the different nutrients that we put into our bodies. Our hair health  is based on our intake of things like biotin and proteins. If someone is not following a balanced and nutritious diet, they may actually see the effects of this poor diet because the are losing hair when they brush their hair. People who often suffer from eating disorders such as Anorexia or excessive dieting may find their hair shedding to be extreme, producing baldness. This occurs because when the body does not get the nutrients it needs from our diet, it begins to take them from other parts of our body. Since our hair is full of protein, our body will begin reducing hair grow to compensate for the nutrients it is losing through a lack of the correct food.

Just like stress, this type of hair loss is reversible. Once the person obtains a healthy diet,  and begins to supply their body with the proper nutrients,  this will slow down and stop their our hair falling out.


 Specific medications may also have an effect on reducing hair growth. One of the most common examples, unfortunately,  that results in hair falling out is chemotherapy. Losing Hair can be a side effect of many other medications, but chemo is the most prevalent for causing thinning hair. Similar to stress and poor nutrition, this type of hairloss is completely reversible once you stop taking the medication that is causing it. If you are unsure if a medication could be the cause for your hair fall, you may want to consult your doctor about the common side effects of the medication. Or visit the medications website where they often list the side effects of certain medications.

 Hair Straighteners, Shampoos And Hair Spray Are Culprits Of Hair Fall

 We all want to have beautiful hair so we style it in different ways. Heating iron hair loss occurs when we apply heat to straighten or curl our hair. Overuse of  chemicals such as hairspray to keep our hair in place can also be a factor resulting in hair falling out. What most people don’t know is this can lead to a type of hair loss referred to above as  Alopecia.  Alopecia occurs when hair is exposed to high heats and harsh chemicals that cause the hair to break. Alopecia is similar to some of the other types of hair fall, by sometimes being  reversible. If we allow the hair to “rest” i.e. stop with the heat and the spray etc., we will stop our hair falling out.  If the hair follicle is extremely damaged, however, it is possible the hair falling out problem may be permanent. As discussed elsewhere on this site there is treatment for Alopecia.

 Hair loss is more common than people may think and no gender is safe from experiencing losing hair. Though some types of hair thinning are more common in a specific gender, such as men and male pattern baldness. but excessive styling as a cause of hair falling out is more common in women.

Pregnancy hair loss can occur, and a pregnant mother’s hair may thin because of the changes occurring in her body.

Losing hair can be an embarrassing body change for anyone to experience, but often, in certain circumstances, it can be reversed or even prevented through good hygiene and diet. Of course this recovery can be assisted by using the Hairmax Laser comb treatment for hair loss.

The Part Genetics Plays In Losing Hair

 For  hair loss where genetics play a part, don’t let yourself get too down about your hair falling out. There is no reason to be embarrassed, and hiding it under a hat can sometimes cause the thinning hair rate to increase. For example, Hairmax have a  Hair Fiber product which is made of natural keratin protein that statically attaches to existing hair. It comes in 8 colors and is applied by wiping the applicator in the area where your hair is receding.

Fibers for Hair Loss

By exploring the different reasons for hair loss and figuring out which one effects you, you can begin to look into the different treatment options that may be best for you.

For more information on proven treatment for Hair Loss CLICK HAIR!!(couldn’t resist it)

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Hair Loss – Preventing this in Your Daily Routine

Hair loss – Preventing This In Your Daily Routine

Hair loss can be embarrassing for anyone – men and women. There are a number of reasons why we sometimes lose hair, and some types of hair loss are preventable, sometimes as simple to prevent as changing our daily routine.

A lot of people don’t believe some of the recommendations published as preventatives for hair Loss. But proper diet plans, exercise and looking after your hair can in fact assist you in preventing thinning hair. By adding the following things into your daily routine, you can help stop your hair falling out, and avoid what causes hair loss.

Of course what we describe here (hair?) could also be used to support a routine that uses laser treatment to regrow hair. Like the Hairmax laser hair regrowth treatment routine which uses a specially designed Laser Comb  and now there is the new Laser Band.

 The first step we need to take to prevent losing hair is to stop “over-researching” the many treatments designed to stop hair fall and start taking baby steps. Most people fail at changing their routines because they try to change too much at one time, and so conclude that it is just too difficult to achieve. If you’re losing hair and it is the type of loss that is preventable, start by making small changes to your already existing hair care routine. Then focus on improving your diet. Then examine your lifestyle and see what may need to change – the level of stress maybe.

Is My Hair Loss Cure Working?

  Before you think your hair treatment plan isn’t working, it is important to remember that you are supposed to lose a certain amount of hair in a day due to our hair growth cycle. One of the phases is the Telogen phase below when hair is shed.  Many people will begin their best hair loss treatment routine and freak out when they see a few hairs stuck in their hairbrush, and give up all together. Preventing  your hair falling out is a process that may take some time to see results – be patient. Now what is the saying about patience? Patience is a virtue find it if you can, often in a women never in a man. No comment from me!

Hair growth phases

In the phase known as the Telogen phase – the hair is shed

What Sort Of Products Are There To Stop Thinning Hair?

  The first step to beginning a hair loss cure involves getting the best shampoo for hair loss. Try to find an anti hair loss shampoo. It is not hard to insert this  into your daily routine, because most people wash their hair on a regular basis anyway. The problem with shampoo is most people don’t choose the right shampoo. Your best hair loss shampoo should be compatible with your hair, so your hair is getting the most out of what the shampoo has to offer. If you have pin straight, fine hair and you are using a shampoo for the control of curly, coarser hair because it was on sale last week, you may not be treating your hair properly.

Hairmax produce four products to help stop thinning hair that include an anti hair loss shampoo. These products are designed as a back up to Hairmax’s laser comb hair regrowth treatment. As well as the shampoo there is a Revitalizer, a Conditioner and Activator – all specifically designed to manage and be part of our hair loss cure. These four products contain vitamins for hair loss as well as biotin for hair loss and other things to help our scalps grow hair. So there are a number of cures for hairloss as we try and regrow our hair.

 When washing your hair with the hair growth shampoo, make sure you are massaging it into your scalp instead of just using it to clean your hair. Properly massaging your scalp in a circular motion with finger tips (not finger nails) with this type of proper shampoo is the first step to preventing hair loss – it needs to be in your hair for about a minute.This doesn’t sound much, but 60 seconds can be a while. I guess when showering it depends if you are an in-wash-out person, or an in-wash-hang about- out person!

Hair Care Tips To Reduce Hair Loss

Once you hop out of the shower, your next step is getting ready for work, which includes styling your hair. It is understandable that you don’t want to go to work looking like a you’ve just had an electric shock, but style it with the right products. Harsh chemicals and pulling your hair too tight can cause your hair to break and sometimes this damage can be permanent. Look for naturally derived or herbal based products like the ones I have mentioned above.

Best Hairloss Shampoo

Try not to use ordinary shampoo on a daily basis, but just rinse your hair when you have a shower. People have tried this, and although it sounds “yucky”, it is a real alternative and very good for your hair because it protects the natural oils. The four products I have mentioned above, however, are part of a hair loss cure so can be used safely every day.

Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

 There are hair loss natural remedies, like the Hairmax range that are full of nutrients and essential elements that will enhance and protect the health of your hair and help minimize the things that cause hair loss.  Also, when styling your hair with a hair dryer or hair iron, avoid using high heat to achieve your perfect look.

High heat causes heavy burn damage to your hair, which will contribute to hair loss. The cheaper hair irons are bad for actually burning your hair. Hair dryers are not so bad because generally your hair is wet so the water absorbs the heat. Just remember that our hair is protein and protein can be cooked! Use a hair dryer with Tourmaline crystals because this type of hair dryer generates negative irons that will reduce static electricity and stop “fly away”.

  To reduce static in your hair try using a wooden comb – nylon combs are excellent static generators.

Best Hair Loss Treatment

Summary of Hair Care tips

1. Check on the “gentleness” of hair products, study the label for ingredients.

2. Don’t pull your hair too tight.

3. Look for naturally based herbal type products for your hair.

4. Try not using ordinary shampoo on a daily basis, in normal everyday life.

5. Minimize the use of Hair dryers and Hair Irons, and try not to use them on maximum heat settings.

6. Use wooden combs to reduce the impact of static in your hair.

What Foods Will Help Stop Me Losing Hair?

  OK many people will roll their eyes when diet is mentioned, but nutritious diet specific foods can be cures for hair loss. Remember that the statement, “We are what we eat”, is a truism – it is true!  Your hair is made of protein as already stated, but their are other important substances like biotin. By eating the proper balance of health promoting foods, your body will have the correct nutrients for growing healthy hair – you will become a “hair grower” not a “hair shedder”!

Good Nutrition and Diet

20 Foods That Will Benefit Your Hair Health

 – Salmon, Beef, Bacon, Oysters, Shrimps

Eggs, Cottage Cheese.

Lentils, Walnuts, Almonds, Brown rice, Green Peas, Pumpkin Seeds, Whole grain foods (not refined).

Blue Berries, Prunes.

Bell Peppers, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Dark Greens (Spinach, Broccoli, Lettuces).

Green Tea.

OK 21! These foods have the right ingredients like biotin and the vitamins with antioxidants to ensure your body has what it needs to be a good hair grower!

  If you are not practicing a nutritious diet, your body will be short of vital nutrients and will begin to send the nutrients to the vital organs, which will mean your  hair follicles will miss out. If your hair follicles lose too much of their nutrient supply, hair growth will suffer and your hair will either be weak and fragile or may fall out.  So eating the right stuff will ensure your body has access to the proper nutrients on a constant basis to keep your hair healthy and strong (-:

Effects of Lifestyle and Stress on Your Hair Health

  Another change we may need to make to our daily routine as one of  our  hair loss remedies is going to be to incorporate a “stress reliever” if you have identified stress as an issue – stress and hair loss is a cause and an effect unfortunately.

  It doesn’t matter if you prefer to relieve stress through yoga and exercise, or even taking a nap in the middle of the day, or going for walks, what matters is that you find time to undertake activities to reduce your stress levels. Chill out man/baby! Keep it cool. High stress levels result in our bodies activating protective measures which, if they continue too long, can have harmful effects on parts of our bodies and so they will affect your hair health. When stress levels get too high, your body produces hormones to counter the effect of this stress. If the stress continues, these hormonal changes will have a negative impact on  your hair health and in severe cases may cause hair loss to increase a lot.

737315_14406557Relaxation And Hair Loss  So creating a program to lower stress levels such as taking a walk during your lunch break or incorporating some other physical exercise routine into your day, is very important if stress is a problem. What we are doing here is diverting our minds from focussing on a mental activity to focussing on a physical one – “variety is the spice of life!” –  this sort of activity will decrease our stress levels, show us how to stop hairloss, allow our bodies to regenerate, and so have a  positive effect on our overall health and regrow hair.

  Now we are not suggesting you change your entire daily routine in order to keep your hair on!  It is up to all of us to make sure our daily lifestyle is “balanced” with work, play, exercise and a nutritious diet.

If your lifestyle is s..t, it will definitely pay big dividends to  slowly introduce these “health” factors into your daily routine and so give your hair a fighting chance to grow and become healthy.

Whoops I was getting a bit carried away there. Sorry! it does sound  a bit like a lecture……. but it is true 🙂

Yep it was getting a wee bit heavy dude…..

OK  Conclusion Time For Managing our Hair Loss

  If necessary, start things slowly:

  • Start with finding the right anti hair loss shampoo that has a formula that is going to benefit your select hair type. Be wary of the hair products and heat you apply to your hair.
  • Once you have begun to change your routines in the hair department, then it is time take a look at how you might improve your diet.
  • Research the internet for healthy diet plans if you are not sure. We all need to achieve a food diet so that our nutrition is balanced. I mean you don’t need to be like a monk living on bread and water etc., just take things in moderation. Diet supplements may be a choice for you.
  • Then take one step back and focus on the level of stress in your life and the possible sources of the stress.  Then take the sort of steps we have described to remove that stress and hair loss.
  • Again the Hairmax hair regrowth treatment system that can help to cure baldness has proven laser technology backed by dietary supplements that include hair loss vitamins and biotin hair loss for both men and women and hair products to complement these. The supplements not only help to regrow hair, but will improve the health of your skin and your nails as well:

Hair Loss Supplements Some hair loss is preventable. But you cannot expect to reverse hair loss if you do nothing to address the life style issues that may be causing it.

Coming up is the third saying I have mentioned in this post (and the last I promise) but it is so true: “An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure”.

 OK enough of the lecture; But if you want an introduction to products that are complementary, or support methods that are designed to show us how to stop hairloss and regrow hair, then be sure to click on the link just below to go to the HairMax site.

 Thanks for reading this far!

 CLICK here (-:  To See How What Makes A Hair Loss Cure – It’s A Winner

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Hairmax Review and Laser Therapy

Hairmax Review and Laser Therapy

A Hairmax review and other posts on this site deal with how to minimise hair loss and how to regrow hair. But here’s some background about Laser Therapy In General.

  1. First and foremost the use of Low Light Laser has been proven to assist in the reversal of hair loss – see Hairmax Review.
  2. Lasers are in supermarkets at the checkout counter and in compact disc players and the CD ROM of a computer.
  3. They can knock out satellites, and can measure the distance from the Earth to the Moon within tenths of an inch.
  4. The laser can repair your eye lens and hence your vision with just one treatment.
  5. They can be used as a form of therapy to improve healing and reduce pain in body injuries e.g muscles.
  6. The laser can cut steel, easily create three-dimensional images and transmit telecommunication messages around the world

But while we all know of the lasers existence, even its uses as a means of regrowing hair, how many of us know what it is and where it came from.

Funnily enough the use of  the laser to regrow hair is relatively old – like 20 odd years old.


What Does L – A – S – E – R Stand For

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation! How many of you knew that? I knew it stood for something but ………………….. 🙁

The idea behind the laser is quite complex – you may ask how complex is that? Well it took one Albert Einstein in about 1917 to discover the physics behind laser technology. So, yes, quite complex.

Actually the first working laser was built in 1960 by Theodore Maiman who worked at the Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu.

There is a thing called a Maser – short for Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation – this is the microwave cousin of the laser. The most common use for masers is in highly accurate electronic clocks.

Interestingly, although the first laser was built in 1960, the idea of a thin beam of light was thought up as early as 1898, when H.G.Wells wrote is science fiction classic “The War of the Worlds” where he described Martians as having a devastating weapon called a heat ray.

The light produced by lasers is different from our daylight or electric lights. The light from a laser does not have a spectrum it is just one color, that is, one wavelength. In comparison to, say, daylight which behaves in waves, laser light is highly organized and emits from its source in one wave.

The Benefits Of Laser

But in this article we are more interested in the benefits the laser brings to help us as humans to find solutions to our ailments, just like Hairmax Review.  Lasers had been developed for the treatment to regrow hair in the late 1960’s, but I was surprised to learn that the first medical operation to use the laser was only one year after the invention of the laser.

1. General Surgery

Doctors Campbell and Koester used a laser to remove a tumor from a patient’s eye. Since then surgeons have used lasers to surgically cut and remove tissue safely with a very low risk of infection.

These lasers used in healthcare are high powered lasers that use ultraviolet light and these have high energy particles that can change molecules. These lasers have the power to cut and burn, and ironically for this web site, they are not used to treat hair loss as in to regrow hair, but are used for hair removal!! Tattoo removal as well.

1. Eye Surgery

Another use for the stronger laser is in vision correction surgery. Eye surgeons cleverly use lasers in LASIK operations to alter the shape of the cornea.The cornea covers the lens of the eye, and so when the cornea is reshaped the person’s bad eyesight is bought back to normal so they do not need to wear glasses.

3. Therapy Lasers

The lasers we associate with the Hairmax Review and the Laser Hair Comb are called therapy lasers. These use what is known as near-infrared light which is longer wavelength than the ultraviolet light and is visible. This near-infrared light is very beneficial because it merely vibrates the molecules.

The light that is produced by the therapy lasers can penetrate through our skin and are absorbed at a cellular level. This increases the production of cellular energy which in turn increases the rate of healing but also the quality of the healing.

Therapy lasers are able to relieve pain and repair tissue that is injured because of their photochemical and photobiological interactions. For example, deep heating will dilate blood vessels allowing greater blood flow and therefore supplying the injured area with more oxygen and other goodies to enhance healing – so you can see how the laser can be beneficial for the process of helping hair regrowth:

The use of  the laser light energizes the cells around the hair follicle, and stimulates the area, dilating the blood vessels, improving blood circulation so the hair follicle is in a healthier state and its ability to regrow hair is kick started and/or the hair thickening occurs. To find out more about lasers to regrow hair, Click Hair

Laser comb hair regowth treatment

Really the Therapy laser actually can “biostimulate” which means it has the potential to be beneficial in any situation where the body’s cells are not working at their most efficient.

From a physiological (sort of body functions) viewpoint, research has shown there can be a wide ranging increase in levels of endorphins, prostaglandins and other beneficial body components by using lasers, but laser therapy can also remove negative stuff that can slow the healing process down. Pain is reduced through a number of mechanisms and so the overall effect is an enhanced and more effective healing process.

Examples of this would be relief from acute or chronic pain, a reduction in inflammation and muscle spasms, freeing up stiff joints and restoring limited function. I mean it is well cataloged that laser therapy helps headache relief, neck pain, carpel tunnel, lower back pain, general sports contusions and also the pain experienced after surgery.

One interesting thing about the therapy Laser is that its effect is cumulative. This is a real boost to healing and our efforts to regrow hair because it means that each successive treatment carries on from the benefit received from the previous treatment.

3. Entertainment Lasers

Quite a few of us will have seen Laser Light Shows where lasers of various colors pierce the air in brilliant fashion and in many different geometrical shapes. The visible nature of the laser can be quite spell binding.

So from the above discussion, which is a bit broader than a Hairmax Review, you can see how useful the laser is to us and why it is important to use instruments like the Hairmax laser comb on a regular basis to get the best chance of regrowing our hair.


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Regrow Hair – The Laser Comb Solution By Hairmax

Regrow Hair -The Laser Comb Solution by Hairmax

OK to regrow hair what is involved if I buy into this laser based system? Well, there are really two parts to the Hairmax system:

  1. The first part is to use the Hairmax Laser Combs.
  2.  The second part provides backup for the treatment you get with the Laser Comb Regrow Hair Treatment by using the anti hair loss hair products and the vitamin supplements.
  3. Shipping is free

Laser comb 7 WomenWe all know there is a big choice when figuring out how to stop hairloss and regrow hair, and a huge choice when it comes to vitamin supplements. But it may be wise to use products that have been developed by companies that specialize in a particular field, because they have developed an expertise in this area. This is especially true for those companies that invest heavily in their own research and development.

Laser comb 9 ManLexington (Hairmax) have been in the regrow hair business using lasermax for more than 30 years, and through their own scientific resources have found solutions for any problems they identified. This has allowed them to continually improve and refine  the laser Comb regrow hair treatment technology and so show people like you and me how to stop hairloss and regrow hair.

  The company behind Hairmax has done extensive trials on a hair loss cure to test the effectiveness of the laser comb. In presenting these research findings to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), they have consequently received the FDA’s clearance for the Laser Regrow Hair Treatment Program.

Below I describe the  models of laser comb that are currently available  – more of a quick description than a  laser comb review really, because the function of the three models is pretty easy to understand.

 But before I do that I thought I would add a bit of human physiology to the mix and show you the stages in the hair growth cycle, and how the laser comb treatment interacts with us, as a hair grower, and stops hair fall.

The following video is of a Skin and Hair Specialist discussing the Hairmax laser comb product he has been using with clients for 6 years as a hair loss cure.

Briefly: What Is Happening On & In Our Scalp?

This section may be a bit like going back to school! But I think it is worthwhile. But hey skip to the next section if you’re not into this.

I have added this section to remove some of the mystery behind this technology so that you can get an understanding that it isn’t all about smoke and mirrors, but is based on sound laser technology that has a positive effect on one of our biological processes – hair growth.

The Hair Growth Cycle

Like the rest of the cells in our body, our hair is continually dying and being replaced. So it is true to say that in six months time you will not be the same person you are now – even your spine will have been replaced.

There are three stages in the hair growth cycle and like everything else they have been named. These stages are all occurring at the same time for different areas of your head:

1.The Anagen stage is where the new hair is built by the hair follicle machine, it is the active phase of hair growth. As the new hair forms it pushes out the hair that has stopped growing (called the club hair, it is not growing any more or is not in the Anagen stage).  So we are lose hair at this point.

This rapid growth stage is the reason that your hair grows at a rate of about ½ an inch a month. Our hair generally stays in this phase for two to six years.

People who have trouble growing their hair long have a relatively short Anagen phase, where as people who can grow long hair have a long Anagen phase.

The reason the hair on our arms, legs, eyebrows, eyelashes and hands is short is because the active growth phase in these areas is very short, about 30-45 days.

2. The Catagen stage is the transitional stage and at any one time about 3% of all hairs are in this stage. This stage lasts for about two to three weeks. Hair growth stops, the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches to the hair root. This is the formation of what s called the club hair, which is pushed out by the new growing hair. So this is the natural hair falling out or hair shedding part.

3. The Telogen stage is the third phase and 6-8% of all hairs are in this stage at any time. It lasts for about 100 days for hairs on the scalp but is longer for the other hairs such as arms, legs, eyebrow hair loss, eyelashes and hands. During this stage the hair follicle is inactive and the club hair has formed.

Pulling out a hair at this stage is painless and the base of the hair will have a dry white appearance.  During the Telogen stage, we are losing hair by hair shedding at a rate of between 25 – 100 hairs per day. So this is about how much hair loss is normal.

Hair growth phases

 What Happens In The Hair Follicle, and how the Laser Comb can regrow hair.

It may seem obvious, but we are all made up of cells, and the engine rooms of these cells are called Mitachondria – Mitachondria do some pretty clever work  to provide energy for our cells.

If for some reason these mitochondria are switched off or their efficiency is diminished then naturally the energy available to the cell is lowered. The results of this energy loss can be changes in our body chemistry affecting certain conditions such as pregnancy, life stages like menopause, or those chemical changes that are controlled by our genetics.

This is what is thought to happen with general hair loss and male pattern baldness:

  • The cells in the hair follicle responsible for growing replacement hair have a reduced supply of energy and can’t do their job properly.
  • The hair produced is weak or no hair is produced at all.

Because the light from a laser comb is “low end” or long wavelength, it can penetrate into our tissues quite effectively. So when the laser comb light passes over our scalp it is thought that the energy in the laser light does two things:

  1. The Laser Light “warms up”, switches on, or kick starts the inactive mitochondria so the hair follicle cells have the energy to  do their job and start producing healthy hair again.
  2. The heat from the laser causes the tiny blood vessels supplying the hair follicles to enlarge, allowing increased blood flow.

This is a bit of an oversimplification! But you can see what might be happening (-:


Three Models Of Hairmax Laser Comb Available

There are three models of the laser comb for you to choose from. Although they are the pretty much the same in overall appearance, there have different design features and significant performance differences.

The laser element of these laser comb models is delivered by light emitting diode technology, which  enables the comb to be light in weight, compact and so relatively easy to use.

Prima 7 Laser comb

Primo7 Laser Comb

The Prima 7 Laser Comb has a 7 laser array with the teeth of the comb patented because they have a special design that moves the hair to allow the laser light to reach the scalp easily. The cost is $295 with free shipping.

With this laser array the suggested treatment time and frequency is 15 minute sessions 3 times a week.

Ultima 12 Laser comb

Ultima12 laser combThe Ultima 12 laser comb is the premium model of the fleet with the most laser light emitting diodes available at 12, and the price of this model is $495.

In similar fashion to the Prima model the teeth are patented, there is a rechargeable battery, a beep and vibration function, and a 12 minute auto shut down.

Again because of the increased length of the of the laser array and also the increased intensity of the laser light, the laser hair treatment time for this model is 8 minutes, 3 times a week.

Apart from the time taken for each treatment, the process is the same for both Laser Comb models: The laser Comb is held in one position for four seconds then moved. Because more is not necessarily better with laser, and also because the nature of the heat being used is long wavelength, the heat does penetrate into your body tissues, so there is a four second vibration timer with a warning beep to let you know when the four seconds is up and you can move the laser comb to the next position.

The Laser Band 82

laserband 82A more recent addition to the lasers is a Laser Band 82 that fits across the head and has 82 lasers built into it. Like the other combs the teeth are specially designed to part the hair so the laser has better contact with the scalp.

This model  has a suggested  90 second session 3 times a week. the price of the Laser Band 82 is $795.


Dietary Supplement and Hair and Scalp treatments For Dealing With Hair Loss

The Dietary Supplements are for both women and men and each bottle has a 30 day supply per person. Each capsule contains ingredients for the maintenance of Hair, Skin and Nails. There is No Artificial Color or Flavor, No Gluten, No Sugar, No Preservative, No Yeast, No Milk, No Shellfish, No Lactose, No Wheat, and free of Sodium.

Cost is pretty reasonable at $18 per bottle.

As a back up to the Laser hair treatment, there are several products that are used to complete the system to regrow hair. There are the Hair and Scalp Treatments, and the Hair Fibers.

Using these back up products completes the  Laser Hairmax Regrow Hair Treatment System that shows you how to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

Hair and Scalp Treatments

There are four products that treat the hair and scalp.

1. Shampoo. This could be the best shampoo for hair loss because it has been formulated to remove the build up of products used to manage hair like hair sprays and styling lotions as well as pollutants in the air. The shampoo contains remedial herbs and antioxidants to manage scalp health, and provide pH balance for our hair to keep it in great condition. The shampoo is also capable of increasing blood flow to the scalp by assisting in dilating blood vessels. In this way the shampoo provides natural remedies for hair loss.

6.7 fl oz/200 ml costs $20

2. Revitalizer The function of the Revitalizer is to clean and exfoliate the scalp by cleansing it of perspiration, excess oils produced by glands in the scalp and pollutants from the air. This action keeps the follicles  clear and unclogged to help regrow hair. The Revitalizer contains a mix of menthol and peppermint oil that leaves your scalp in a freshened state.

The Shampoo and the Revitalizer both help to lower the pH of the scalp which helps with the laser hair treatment.

4 fl oz / 120 ml  costs $18.

3. Conditioner The conditioner has a herbal base helping to keep your hair moist and strong. It is a simple formula that easily rinses out so there is nothing left to accumulate. The conditioner also contains light oils rich in Vitamin E and the essential fatty acids so helps repair damaged hair.

6.7 fl oz / 200 ml costs $20

4. Activator.  Hairmax call this their “Follicle Booster”. Which is a leave in serum for our hair. Activator is one of the hair loss remedies with a complex make up of nutrients, antioxidants and DHT blockers to promote hair growth. It also contains something called Niacinimde to promote the heath of the scalp

3.4 fl oz/100 ml costs $35.

The Shampoo, Conditioner and Revitalizer together cost $49.95, and the Shampoo and Conditioner together cost $35

5. Fibers. HairMax Hair Fibers are a keratin protein and are natural fibers that build the hair in a way that they blend and cling statically to our existing hair. In this way any areas of your head that have a receding hairline can be covered instantly, providing density and a natural looking cover. There are 8 colors available from Black through Brown to Light Blond.

Cost is $35.

So Click Here To Try The Laser Comb Solution

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Hair Loss Cure – Is the HairMax® Program For You?

Hair Loss Cure – Is the Hairmax® Program For You?

Finding a hair loss cure is a pressing need for a lot of people because losing hair is something that is unnerving and at the same time frustrating. We need to manage the situation of how to stop hairloss safely and with confidence and figure out a way to regrow hair. There are a lot of hair loss cures out there, some good – some not so good.

We have taken an in depth look at the Hairmax laser program and it is comprehensive, has been developed over several decades and continues to be developed – for example the recent release of the new Laser Band. This type of hair loss cure  is safe and most of all it is proven. So it might just be the hair loss cure you are looking for to regrow your hair.  I use the words “confidence” and “safe” because the program is:


Number 6 is pretty significant because we want a system that will help regrow hair in a natural way.  Using a laser hair comb is one of the natural remedies for hair loss. It is used on our scalp and so is a physical approach for a hair loss cure as opposed to using a chemical one. This means we are helping our body help itself by boosting hair follicle activity, rather than blocking and/or replacing a bodily function artificially.

Hair loss is a major concern throughout the world. We usually associate it with men, and men who are “middle aged”. Unfortunately thinning hair is a problem for a lot of women as well and a hassle for younger men.

A friend of mine had bad hair fall early in his life and had lost a large percentage of his hair by his 21st birthday. OK everybody was “understanding”, but this didn’t help his own situation. I am very wary – my locks seem ok at the moment, but my maternal grandfather suffered from male pattern baldness so I think I will need to be aware!

There have been several systems developed to try and effect a hair loss cure that involve external and internal hair loss remedies, but some have met with mixed success. For example, the Toupe or Wig has been used for years and they work on some people better than others, but it really isn’t a solution, because it masks the problem. In saying that, however,  Toupes or Wigs obviously have a place for the management of hair loss.

Clearly as mentioned, what we need is something that helps our body help itself, rather than a chemical solution etc. The HairMax ®  laser hair regrowth treatment program has been developed to help the body help itself grow hair and it may be your solution to a frustrating problem. The program focuses on an external approach to reverse hair loss, but does have some supplementary herbal products for internal use, plus special anti hair loss shampoo.

It appears from company statements that the external HairMax ®  laser comb will work for both men and women.

Hairmax Professional 12 Laser Comb Teeth

Hairmax Professional 12 Laser Comb

Call me cautious, but I would rather do something that “physically” helps my body to help itself, rather than something that does it “chemically” and could block a natural body function.

We need to be careful about some hair supplements that work internally to grow hair. In April 2013  the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) put out a warning statement about some internal products designed to stop hair shedding and regrow hair:

In an online statement, the FDA wrote:

Despite the fact that clear causal links between finasteride (Propecia) and sexual adverse events have not been established, the existing cases suggest a broader range of adverse effects than previously reported in patients taking these drugs………” The FDA adds: “………..Details on these possible side effects should be explained to patients”. .

 It appears that most of the adverse effects disappeared, after the use of Finasteride was stopped for three months.

OK, So What Is HairMax ® ?

Hairmax Logo

Well it is a Hair loss cure involving Laser Treatment for  using a hairmax laser hair comb. There have been a significant number of research trials using the benefits of laser hair treatment undertaken over the years, two of which have been supplied to the FDA for their investigation and this organization has cleared the product for general use. 

The laser comb has been designed so that it can be used by everybody who is challenged by thinning hair. What is unique about this product set is that it is safe,  natural and works to stimulate the hair follicles. It “wakes up” these lazy follicles and gets them working.

The laser technology that HairMax ®  has harnessed in the lasermax is well known in other fields.

The laser has become a proven tool for the treatment of musculo-skeletal injury, from humans to horses. I have had laser therapy for muscle injury and it was great. So there is no doubting the effectiveness of the technology for stimulating the regeneration of body tissue.

The HairMax ® hair regrowth treatment uses a specially designed comb that has a laser fitted to it ( – hence laser comb). The comb has an ergonomically shaped hand piece to allow individuals to treat themselves. There are four models of Laser Hair Comb – the Hairmax Advanced 7, the Hairmax Prima 7, the Hairmax Professional 12 and the recently added Laser Band 82. The numbers refer to the number of laser units present

How the Hairmax Laser Comb Works

  1. Increases  adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to help deliver more energy to the follicle.
  2. Low Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) energizes weakened hair follicles.
  3. Increases blood flow to the scalp.
  4. Helps take away harmful waste products such as DHT.
  5. Helps decrease follicular inflammation.
  6. Works as an anagen inductor which stimulates the natural growth of hair.
  7. Optimal delivery of laser energy to the scalp with patented hair parting teeth in the comb or band.


To support the Laser Hair Treatment program there is one of the best shampoos for hair loss, as well as conditioners and a scalp treatment.

There are also Vitamins for hair Loss (including Biotin for hair loss), and Hair Fibers.  These fibers are designed to cover areas where hair is thinning. They are  dispensed easily and bind to existing hair electrostatically. There are eight fiber colors available.


Vitamins For Hair Loss

Vitamins For Hair Loss

How Did The Lasermax Program Originate?  It Is Scientifically Proven, Isn’t it?

Well it all goes back to Australia in the mid ‘80’s, where a gentleman with the name of Henry Pearl pioneered the use of laser hair regrowth treatment and for skin as well. He was the founding director of the present company, Lexington International, that is based in Boca Raton, Florida.

In the early ‘90’s, in Australia, a single laser probe was being sold for the treatment of balding. This was the starting point for today’s designs. The laser probe sold for $AUD2000 with significant, positive, customer feedback.

The energy parameters of this modern laser hair loss program developed by Lexington are the result of many years of observing and analyzing the effects of laser combs and laser hair regrowth treatment on thousands of individual cases of thinning hair and baldness.

 Because of the interest in this field of laser hair treatment, there have been over 3,500 scientific studies of Laser PhotoTherapy (Low Level Laser Therapy) published internationally that have shown positive results for hair restoration.  Further, the results of the clinical trial undertaken in 2006 by Lexington to gain (FDA) approval (granted in 2007), were published in a scientific, peer reviewed journal.

The results of more recent clinical studies into Lasers as a hair loss cure that were undertaken in 2009/2010 were again submitted to the FDA, and proved again that the  Hairmax  hair regrowth treatment program  is an effective and safe method of using laser hair treatment systems. 

So the development behind the hairmax laser comb has been very solid. It has involved research that was based on sound scientific principles, and the results of this research have been given a big tick by the controlling bureaucracy, the FDA.


OK, What Do Real People Say About The Lasermax Laser comb?

Well our own research into this area was interesting. We couldn’t find any negative comments that were genuinely based on the non performance of the lasermax hair regrowth treatment program.

With any technology like this it is important to:

1. Read the instructions – did I mention reading the instructions (especially you males out there!).

2. Do exactly as the instructions say – they have been written by the experts.

3. Realize this does not involve overnight results – it takes patience, commitment and time.

Sorry if I sound like a Teacher! 🙂

The sad thing is some people appear to do things their way, expect hair thickening in a week or so and when this doesn’t happen chuck the laser comb in the bin and tell people they know that it was useless.


A grateful Philip Carrol had this to say:

“Hi. I’ve been losing my hair since i was about 16. To be honest i wouldnt care if I was 40 and bald, but im still young. Going bald was a nightmare, I got so much stick off my friends and when I told people my age they wouldn’t believe me.

I have been depressed and have had no confidence for years. I am 21 now and have been using your laser comb for about 8 weeks. and I am happy to say I’m seeing great results. After the first week I noticed a difference, each passing week makes me happier and happier. I think my hair will be back to normal in about 3-4 months at the most.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved with the laser comb. You have changed my life and made me so happy. Thank You. I will recommend the laser comb to the hair dressers i am finally going to go to .

Again Thank You.”

Philip Carrol, UK  [From the company Archives]

From Carol S. of Toronto

I have been using the Hairmax laser comb for about 2 weeks, every other day for 11 minutes as instructed. I have now noticed that there is a lot of fewer hairs left in the sink when I wash my hair I would say about 70% less hair that I am losing.

I am thrilled and I would recommend this product, Hairmax to everyone… it is the only product I have tried that works.

Carol S. Toronto, Ontario [From the company Archives]

From B.E. Taft Ph.D

After almost two straight years of using your HairMax Laser Comb, it now appears that I’ve regrown a little more than 43% of my hair. I had the occasion to bump into one of my physicians who asked if I had any hair plugs, etc. done since I saw him last. When I told him that I had not and I was religiously using your incredible laser comb, he was amazed, as he was very skeptical about the efficacy of such technology.

B.E. Taff, Ph.D. [From the company Archives]


It interests me to read these testimonials because both Carol and B.E. Taff  quantify their observation as % improvement –  hair thickening with Dr. Taff,   and reducing hair fall  with Carol.


What Else Should You Know About Hairmax® as a  Hair Loss Cure?

In clinical studies, 93% of the participants experienced significant hair growth, and on average 149 hairs per square inch coverage were added.

1. There are three models of Hairmax Laser Comb available:

 Laser Band 82  the most recent addition and has 82 lasers and has a recommended treatment time of 90 seconds 3 times a week. The price is $795.

Ultima12  which has 12 Lasers, and an 8 minute recommended treatment time, 3 times a week. The price is $495.

Prima 7  This model has 9 lasers  and a recommended treatment time of 11 minutes. The price is $295.

Advanced 7 This model has 7 laser settings and a recommended treatment time of 15 minutes.

 They are all cordless and all have a vibration timing function.



A Real Biggy: I don’t know if you agree, but I am now a firm believer in buying from the manufacturer in today’s “pressure cooker” markets. You know you are definitely getting brand new, you have the warranty option (2 years) and the money back option (5 months) (less 20% restock)  when buying from this site or Lexington in this case. You also have customer support and the knowledge that the Hairmax®  Laser Comb is in 165 countries around the world.

2. As mentioned earlier the second lot of products include a specially formulated Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, a Conditioner a Revitalizer and an Activator.

The Shampoo, Conditioner and Revitalizer can be purchased as a bundle for $49.95 with free shipping, or the products can be bought separately.

**If you have some time, this video is a good summary of what the laser hair regrowth treatment is all about. It is an 11 minute promotional video so there is some “promotional fluff”, but it does answer a lot of the questions about the Hair Loss Cure program using the laser comb.


OK Pretty Convincing –But Does  the Laser Comb Really Work?

Well for all the published research that is available, and the research we have done and the videos we have looked at and the before and after photographs we have studied , we are of the firm opinion that the Hairmax®  hair regrowth treatment is a bona fide (authentic) way to regrow hair and does in fact work.

In clinical studies, 93% of the participants experienced were able to regrow hair, and on average 149 hairs per square inch coverage were added.

Also there is a very good support network available to you from Lexington LLC.

You can study the before and after photos for both men and women by clicking on the following link and check out the Before and After Photos page in the Testimonials and Results Tab at the Hairmax site:

Before and After Photos Page

So Click on this link to go have a look see at the HairMax Hair Regrowth Treatment program

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope this information was useful to you. If you like the information, please share with your friends, follow me and leave your comment below, thanks.”