Hair Loss Cure – Is the HairMax® Program For You?

Hair Loss Cure – Is the Hairmax® Program For You?

Finding a hair loss cure is a pressing need for a lot of people because losing hair is something that is unnerving and at the same time frustrating. We need to manage the situation of how to stop hairloss safely and with confidence and figure out a way to regrow hair. There are a lot of hair loss cures out there, some good – some not so good.

We have taken an in depth look at the Hairmax laser program and it is comprehensive, has been developed over several decades and continues to be developed – for example the recent release of the new Laser Band. This type of hair loss cure  is safe and most of all it is proven. So it might just be the hair loss cure you are looking for to regrow your hair.  I use the words “confidence” and “safe” because the program is:


Number 6 is pretty significant because we want a system that will help regrow hair in a natural way.  Using a laser hair comb is one of the natural remedies for hair loss. It is used on our scalp and so is a physical approach for a hair loss cure as opposed to using a chemical one. This means we are helping our body help itself by boosting hair follicle activity, rather than blocking and/or replacing a bodily function artificially.

Hair loss is a major concern throughout the world. We usually associate it with men, and men who are “middle aged”. Unfortunately thinning hair is a problem for a lot of women as well and a hassle for younger men.

A friend of mine had bad hair fall early in his life and had lost a large percentage of his hair by his 21st birthday. OK everybody was “understanding”, but this didn’t help his own situation. I am very wary – my locks seem ok at the moment, but my maternal grandfather suffered from male pattern baldness so I think I will need to be aware!

There have been several systems developed to try and effect a hair loss cure that involve external and internal hair loss remedies, but some have met with mixed success. For example, the Toupe or Wig has been used for years and they work on some people better than others, but it really isn’t a solution, because it masks the problem. In saying that, however,  Toupes or Wigs obviously have a place for the management of hair loss.

Clearly as mentioned, what we need is something that helps our body help itself, rather than a chemical solution etc. The HairMax ®  laser hair regrowth treatment program has been developed to help the body help itself grow hair and it may be your solution to a frustrating problem. The program focuses on an external approach to reverse hair loss, but does have some supplementary herbal products for internal use, plus special anti hair loss shampoo.

It appears from company statements that the external HairMax ®  laser comb will work for both men and women.

Hairmax Professional 12 Laser Comb Teeth

Hairmax Professional 12 Laser Comb

Call me cautious, but I would rather do something that “physically” helps my body to help itself, rather than something that does it “chemically” and could block a natural body function.

We need to be careful about some hair supplements that work internally to grow hair. In April 2013  the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) put out a warning statement about some internal products designed to stop hair shedding and regrow hair:

In an online statement, the FDA wrote:

Despite the fact that clear causal links between finasteride (Propecia) and sexual adverse events have not been established, the existing cases suggest a broader range of adverse effects than previously reported in patients taking these drugs………” The FDA adds: “………..Details on these possible side effects should be explained to patients”. .

 It appears that most of the adverse effects disappeared, after the use of Finasteride was stopped for three months.

OK, So What Is HairMax ® ?

Hairmax Logo

Well it is a Hair loss cure involving Laser Treatment for  using a hairmax laser hair comb. There have been a significant number of research trials using the benefits of laser hair treatment undertaken over the years, two of which have been supplied to the FDA for their investigation and this organization has cleared the product for general use. 

The laser comb has been designed so that it can be used by everybody who is challenged by thinning hair. What is unique about this product set is that it is safe,  natural and works to stimulate the hair follicles. It “wakes up” these lazy follicles and gets them working.

The laser technology that HairMax ®  has harnessed in the lasermax is well known in other fields.

The laser has become a proven tool for the treatment of musculo-skeletal injury, from humans to horses. I have had laser therapy for muscle injury and it was great. So there is no doubting the effectiveness of the technology for stimulating the regeneration of body tissue.

The HairMax ® hair regrowth treatment uses a specially designed comb that has a laser fitted to it ( – hence laser comb). The comb has an ergonomically shaped hand piece to allow individuals to treat themselves. There are four models of Laser Hair Comb – the Hairmax Advanced 7, the Hairmax Prima 7, the Hairmax Professional 12 and the recently added Laser Band 82. The numbers refer to the number of laser units present

How the Hairmax Laser Comb Works

  1. Increases  adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to help deliver more energy to the follicle.
  2. Low Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) energizes weakened hair follicles.
  3. Increases blood flow to the scalp.
  4. Helps take away harmful waste products such as DHT.
  5. Helps decrease follicular inflammation.
  6. Works as an anagen inductor which stimulates the natural growth of hair.
  7. Optimal delivery of laser energy to the scalp with patented hair parting teeth in the comb or band.


To support the Laser Hair Treatment program there is one of the best shampoos for hair loss, as well as conditioners and a scalp treatment.

There are also Vitamins for hair Loss (including Biotin for hair loss), and Hair Fibers.  These fibers are designed to cover areas where hair is thinning. They are  dispensed easily and bind to existing hair electrostatically. There are eight fiber colors available.


Vitamins For Hair Loss

Vitamins For Hair Loss

How Did The Lasermax Program Originate?  It Is Scientifically Proven, Isn’t it?

Well it all goes back to Australia in the mid ‘80’s, where a gentleman with the name of Henry Pearl pioneered the use of laser hair regrowth treatment and for skin as well. He was the founding director of the present company, Lexington International, that is based in Boca Raton, Florida.

In the early ‘90’s, in Australia, a single laser probe was being sold for the treatment of balding. This was the starting point for today’s designs. The laser probe sold for $AUD2000 with significant, positive, customer feedback.

The energy parameters of this modern laser hair loss program developed by Lexington are the result of many years of observing and analyzing the effects of laser combs and laser hair regrowth treatment on thousands of individual cases of thinning hair and baldness.

 Because of the interest in this field of laser hair treatment, there have been over 3,500 scientific studies of Laser PhotoTherapy (Low Level Laser Therapy) published internationally that have shown positive results for hair restoration.  Further, the results of the clinical trial undertaken in 2006 by Lexington to gain (FDA) approval (granted in 2007), were published in a scientific, peer reviewed journal.

The results of more recent clinical studies into Lasers as a hair loss cure that were undertaken in 2009/2010 were again submitted to the FDA, and proved again that the  Hairmax  hair regrowth treatment program  is an effective and safe method of using laser hair treatment systems. 

So the development behind the hairmax laser comb has been very solid. It has involved research that was based on sound scientific principles, and the results of this research have been given a big tick by the controlling bureaucracy, the FDA.


OK, What Do Real People Say About The Lasermax Laser comb?

Well our own research into this area was interesting. We couldn’t find any negative comments that were genuinely based on the non performance of the lasermax hair regrowth treatment program.

With any technology like this it is important to:

1. Read the instructions – did I mention reading the instructions (especially you males out there!).

2. Do exactly as the instructions say – they have been written by the experts.

3. Realize this does not involve overnight results – it takes patience, commitment and time.

Sorry if I sound like a Teacher! 🙂

The sad thing is some people appear to do things their way, expect hair thickening in a week or so and when this doesn’t happen chuck the laser comb in the bin and tell people they know that it was useless.


A grateful Philip Carrol had this to say:

“Hi. I’ve been losing my hair since i was about 16. To be honest i wouldnt care if I was 40 and bald, but im still young. Going bald was a nightmare, I got so much stick off my friends and when I told people my age they wouldn’t believe me.

I have been depressed and have had no confidence for years. I am 21 now and have been using your laser comb for about 8 weeks. and I am happy to say I’m seeing great results. After the first week I noticed a difference, each passing week makes me happier and happier. I think my hair will be back to normal in about 3-4 months at the most.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved with the laser comb. You have changed my life and made me so happy. Thank You. I will recommend the laser comb to the hair dressers i am finally going to go to .

Again Thank You.”

Philip Carrol, UK  [From the company Archives]

From Carol S. of Toronto

I have been using the Hairmax laser comb for about 2 weeks, every other day for 11 minutes as instructed. I have now noticed that there is a lot of fewer hairs left in the sink when I wash my hair I would say about 70% less hair that I am losing.

I am thrilled and I would recommend this product, Hairmax to everyone… it is the only product I have tried that works.

Carol S. Toronto, Ontario [From the company Archives]

From B.E. Taft Ph.D

After almost two straight years of using your HairMax Laser Comb, it now appears that I’ve regrown a little more than 43% of my hair. I had the occasion to bump into one of my physicians who asked if I had any hair plugs, etc. done since I saw him last. When I told him that I had not and I was religiously using your incredible laser comb, he was amazed, as he was very skeptical about the efficacy of such technology.

B.E. Taff, Ph.D. [From the company Archives]


It interests me to read these testimonials because both Carol and B.E. Taff  quantify their observation as % improvement –  hair thickening with Dr. Taff,   and reducing hair fall  with Carol.


What Else Should You Know About Hairmax® as a  Hair Loss Cure?

In clinical studies, 93% of the participants experienced significant hair growth, and on average 149 hairs per square inch coverage were added.

1. There are three models of Hairmax Laser Comb available:

 Laser Band 82  the most recent addition and has 82 lasers and has a recommended treatment time of 90 seconds 3 times a week. The price is $795.

Ultima12  which has 12 Lasers, and an 8 minute recommended treatment time, 3 times a week. The price is $495.

Prima 7  This model has 9 lasers  and a recommended treatment time of 11 minutes. The price is $295.

Advanced 7 This model has 7 laser settings and a recommended treatment time of 15 minutes.

 They are all cordless and all have a vibration timing function.



A Real Biggy: I don’t know if you agree, but I am now a firm believer in buying from the manufacturer in today’s “pressure cooker” markets. You know you are definitely getting brand new, you have the warranty option (2 years) and the money back option (5 months) (less 20% restock)  when buying from this site or Lexington in this case. You also have customer support and the knowledge that the Hairmax®  Laser Comb is in 165 countries around the world.

2. As mentioned earlier the second lot of products include a specially formulated Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, a Conditioner a Revitalizer and an Activator.

The Shampoo, Conditioner and Revitalizer can be purchased as a bundle for $49.95 with free shipping, or the products can be bought separately.

**If you have some time, this video is a good summary of what the laser hair regrowth treatment is all about. It is an 11 minute promotional video so there is some “promotional fluff”, but it does answer a lot of the questions about the Hair Loss Cure program using the laser comb.


OK Pretty Convincing –But Does  the Laser Comb Really Work?

Well for all the published research that is available, and the research we have done and the videos we have looked at and the before and after photographs we have studied , we are of the firm opinion that the Hairmax®  hair regrowth treatment is a bona fide (authentic) way to regrow hair and does in fact work.

In clinical studies, 93% of the participants experienced were able to regrow hair, and on average 149 hairs per square inch coverage were added.

Also there is a very good support network available to you from Lexington LLC.

You can study the before and after photos for both men and women by clicking on the following link and check out the Before and After Photos page in the Testimonials and Results Tab at the Hairmax site:

Before and After Photos Page

So Click on this link to go have a look see at the HairMax Hair Regrowth Treatment program

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope this information was useful to you. If you like the information, please share with your friends, follow me and leave your comment below, thanks.”


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