Hairmax Review and Laser Therapy

Hairmax Review and Laser Therapy

A Hairmax review and other posts on this site deal with how to minimise hair loss and how to regrow hair. But here’s some background about Laser Therapy In General.

  1. First and foremost the use of Low Light Laser has been proven to assist in the reversal of hair loss – see Hairmax Review.
  2. Lasers are in supermarkets at the checkout counter and in compact disc players and the CD ROM of a computer.
  3. They can knock out satellites, and can measure the distance from the Earth to the Moon within tenths of an inch.
  4. The laser can repair your eye lens and hence your vision with just one treatment.
  5. They can be used as a form of therapy to improve healing and reduce pain in body injuries e.g muscles.
  6. The laser can cut steel, easily create three-dimensional images and transmit telecommunication messages around the world

But while we all know of the lasers existence, even its uses as a means of regrowing hair, how many of us know what it is and where it came from.

Funnily enough the use of  the laser to regrow hair is relatively old – like 20 odd years old.


What Does L – A – S – E – R Stand For

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation! How many of you knew that? I knew it stood for something but ………………….. 🙁

The idea behind the laser is quite complex – you may ask how complex is that? Well it took one Albert Einstein in about 1917 to discover the physics behind laser technology. So, yes, quite complex.

Actually the first working laser was built in 1960 by Theodore Maiman who worked at the Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu.

There is a thing called a Maser – short for Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation – this is the microwave cousin of the laser. The most common use for masers is in highly accurate electronic clocks.

Interestingly, although the first laser was built in 1960, the idea of a thin beam of light was thought up as early as 1898, when H.G.Wells wrote is science fiction classic “The War of the Worlds” where he described Martians as having a devastating weapon called a heat ray.

The light produced by lasers is different from our daylight or electric lights. The light from a laser does not have a spectrum it is just one color, that is, one wavelength. In comparison to, say, daylight which behaves in waves, laser light is highly organized and emits from its source in one wave.

The Benefits Of Laser

But in this article we are more interested in the benefits the laser brings to help us as humans to find solutions to our ailments, just like Hairmax Review.  Lasers had been developed for the treatment to regrow hair in the late 1960’s, but I was surprised to learn that the first medical operation to use the laser was only one year after the invention of the laser.

1. General Surgery

Doctors Campbell and Koester used a laser to remove a tumor from a patient’s eye. Since then surgeons have used lasers to surgically cut and remove tissue safely with a very low risk of infection.

These lasers used in healthcare are high powered lasers that use ultraviolet light and these have high energy particles that can change molecules. These lasers have the power to cut and burn, and ironically for this web site, they are not used to treat hair loss as in to regrow hair, but are used for hair removal!! Tattoo removal as well.

1. Eye Surgery

Another use for the stronger laser is in vision correction surgery. Eye surgeons cleverly use lasers in LASIK operations to alter the shape of the cornea.The cornea covers the lens of the eye, and so when the cornea is reshaped the person’s bad eyesight is bought back to normal so they do not need to wear glasses.

3. Therapy Lasers

The lasers we associate with the Hairmax Review and the Laser Hair Comb are called therapy lasers. These use what is known as near-infrared light which is longer wavelength than the ultraviolet light and is visible. This near-infrared light is very beneficial because it merely vibrates the molecules.

The light that is produced by the therapy lasers can penetrate through our skin and are absorbed at a cellular level. This increases the production of cellular energy which in turn increases the rate of healing but also the quality of the healing.

Therapy lasers are able to relieve pain and repair tissue that is injured because of their photochemical and photobiological interactions. For example, deep heating will dilate blood vessels allowing greater blood flow and therefore supplying the injured area with more oxygen and other goodies to enhance healing – so you can see how the laser can be beneficial for the process of helping hair regrowth:

The use of  the laser light energizes the cells around the hair follicle, and stimulates the area, dilating the blood vessels, improving blood circulation so the hair follicle is in a healthier state and its ability to regrow hair is kick started and/or the hair thickening occurs. To find out more about lasers to regrow hair, Click Hair

Laser comb hair regowth treatment

Really the Therapy laser actually can “biostimulate” which means it has the potential to be beneficial in any situation where the body’s cells are not working at their most efficient.

From a physiological (sort of body functions) viewpoint, research has shown there can be a wide ranging increase in levels of endorphins, prostaglandins and other beneficial body components by using lasers, but laser therapy can also remove negative stuff that can slow the healing process down. Pain is reduced through a number of mechanisms and so the overall effect is an enhanced and more effective healing process.

Examples of this would be relief from acute or chronic pain, a reduction in inflammation and muscle spasms, freeing up stiff joints and restoring limited function. I mean it is well cataloged that laser therapy helps headache relief, neck pain, carpel tunnel, lower back pain, general sports contusions and also the pain experienced after surgery.

One interesting thing about the therapy Laser is that its effect is cumulative. This is a real boost to healing and our efforts to regrow hair because it means that each successive treatment carries on from the benefit received from the previous treatment.

3. Entertainment Lasers

Quite a few of us will have seen Laser Light Shows where lasers of various colors pierce the air in brilliant fashion and in many different geometrical shapes. The visible nature of the laser can be quite spell binding.

So from the above discussion, which is a bit broader than a Hairmax Review, you can see how useful the laser is to us and why it is important to use instruments like the Hairmax laser comb on a regular basis to get the best chance of regrowing our hair.


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