Regrow Hair – The Laser Comb Solution By Hairmax

Regrow Hair -The Laser Comb Solution by Hairmax

OK to regrow hair what is involved if I buy into this laser based system? Well, there are really two parts to the Hairmax system:

  1. The first part is to use the Hairmax Laser Combs.
  2.  The second part provides backup for the treatment you get with the Laser Comb Regrow Hair Treatment by using the anti hair loss hair products and the vitamin supplements.
  3. Shipping is free

Laser comb 7 WomenWe all know there is a big choice when figuring out how to stop hairloss and regrow hair, and a huge choice when it comes to vitamin supplements. But it may be wise to use products that have been developed by companies that specialize in a particular field, because they have developed an expertise in this area. This is especially true for those companies that invest heavily in their own research and development.

Laser comb 9 ManLexington (Hairmax) have been in the regrow hair business using lasermax for more than 30 years, and through their own scientific resources have found solutions for any problems they identified. This has allowed them to continually improve and refine  the laser Comb regrow hair treatment technology and so show people like you and me how to stop hairloss and regrow hair.

  The company behind Hairmax has done extensive trials on a hair loss cure to test the effectiveness of the laser comb. In presenting these research findings to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), they have consequently received the FDA’s clearance for the Laser Regrow Hair Treatment Program.

Below I describe the  models of laser comb that are currently available  – more of a quick description than a  laser comb review really, because the function of the three models is pretty easy to understand.

 But before I do that I thought I would add a bit of human physiology to the mix and show you the stages in the hair growth cycle, and how the laser comb treatment interacts with us, as a hair grower, and stops hair fall.

The following video is of a Skin and Hair Specialist discussing the Hairmax laser comb product he has been using with clients for 6 years as a hair loss cure.

Briefly: What Is Happening On & In Our Scalp?

This section may be a bit like going back to school! But I think it is worthwhile. But hey skip to the next section if you’re not into this.

I have added this section to remove some of the mystery behind this technology so that you can get an understanding that it isn’t all about smoke and mirrors, but is based on sound laser technology that has a positive effect on one of our biological processes – hair growth.

The Hair Growth Cycle

Like the rest of the cells in our body, our hair is continually dying and being replaced. So it is true to say that in six months time you will not be the same person you are now – even your spine will have been replaced.

There are three stages in the hair growth cycle and like everything else they have been named. These stages are all occurring at the same time for different areas of your head:

1.The Anagen stage is where the new hair is built by the hair follicle machine, it is the active phase of hair growth. As the new hair forms it pushes out the hair that has stopped growing (called the club hair, it is not growing any more or is not in the Anagen stage).  So we are lose hair at this point.

This rapid growth stage is the reason that your hair grows at a rate of about ½ an inch a month. Our hair generally stays in this phase for two to six years.

People who have trouble growing their hair long have a relatively short Anagen phase, where as people who can grow long hair have a long Anagen phase.

The reason the hair on our arms, legs, eyebrows, eyelashes and hands is short is because the active growth phase in these areas is very short, about 30-45 days.

2. The Catagen stage is the transitional stage and at any one time about 3% of all hairs are in this stage. This stage lasts for about two to three weeks. Hair growth stops, the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches to the hair root. This is the formation of what s called the club hair, which is pushed out by the new growing hair. So this is the natural hair falling out or hair shedding part.

3. The Telogen stage is the third phase and 6-8% of all hairs are in this stage at any time. It lasts for about 100 days for hairs on the scalp but is longer for the other hairs such as arms, legs, eyebrow hair loss, eyelashes and hands. During this stage the hair follicle is inactive and the club hair has formed.

Pulling out a hair at this stage is painless and the base of the hair will have a dry white appearance.  During the Telogen stage, we are losing hair by hair shedding at a rate of between 25 – 100 hairs per day. So this is about how much hair loss is normal.

Hair growth phases

 What Happens In The Hair Follicle, and how the Laser Comb can regrow hair.

It may seem obvious, but we are all made up of cells, and the engine rooms of these cells are called Mitachondria – Mitachondria do some pretty clever work  to provide energy for our cells.

If for some reason these mitochondria are switched off or their efficiency is diminished then naturally the energy available to the cell is lowered. The results of this energy loss can be changes in our body chemistry affecting certain conditions such as pregnancy, life stages like menopause, or those chemical changes that are controlled by our genetics.

This is what is thought to happen with general hair loss and male pattern baldness:

  • The cells in the hair follicle responsible for growing replacement hair have a reduced supply of energy and can’t do their job properly.
  • The hair produced is weak or no hair is produced at all.

Because the light from a laser comb is “low end” or long wavelength, it can penetrate into our tissues quite effectively. So when the laser comb light passes over our scalp it is thought that the energy in the laser light does two things:

  1. The Laser Light “warms up”, switches on, or kick starts the inactive mitochondria so the hair follicle cells have the energy to  do their job and start producing healthy hair again.
  2. The heat from the laser causes the tiny blood vessels supplying the hair follicles to enlarge, allowing increased blood flow.

This is a bit of an oversimplification! But you can see what might be happening (-:


Three Models Of Hairmax Laser Comb Available

There are three models of the laser comb for you to choose from. Although they are the pretty much the same in overall appearance, there have different design features and significant performance differences.

The laser element of these laser comb models is delivered by light emitting diode technology, which  enables the comb to be light in weight, compact and so relatively easy to use.

Prima 7 Laser comb

Primo7 Laser Comb

The Prima 7 Laser Comb has a 7 laser array with the teeth of the comb patented because they have a special design that moves the hair to allow the laser light to reach the scalp easily. The cost is $295 with free shipping.

With this laser array the suggested treatment time and frequency is 15 minute sessions 3 times a week.

Ultima 12 Laser comb

Ultima12 laser combThe Ultima 12 laser comb is the premium model of the fleet with the most laser light emitting diodes available at 12, and the price of this model is $495.

In similar fashion to the Prima model the teeth are patented, there is a rechargeable battery, a beep and vibration function, and a 12 minute auto shut down.

Again because of the increased length of the of the laser array and also the increased intensity of the laser light, the laser hair treatment time for this model is 8 minutes, 3 times a week.

Apart from the time taken for each treatment, the process is the same for both Laser Comb models: The laser Comb is held in one position for four seconds then moved. Because more is not necessarily better with laser, and also because the nature of the heat being used is long wavelength, the heat does penetrate into your body tissues, so there is a four second vibration timer with a warning beep to let you know when the four seconds is up and you can move the laser comb to the next position.

The Laser Band 82

laserband 82A more recent addition to the lasers is a Laser Band 82 that fits across the head and has 82 lasers built into it. Like the other combs the teeth are specially designed to part the hair so the laser has better contact with the scalp.

This model  has a suggested  90 second session 3 times a week. the price of the Laser Band 82 is $795.


Dietary Supplement and Hair and Scalp treatments For Dealing With Hair Loss

The Dietary Supplements are for both women and men and each bottle has a 30 day supply per person. Each capsule contains ingredients for the maintenance of Hair, Skin and Nails. There is No Artificial Color or Flavor, No Gluten, No Sugar, No Preservative, No Yeast, No Milk, No Shellfish, No Lactose, No Wheat, and free of Sodium.

Cost is pretty reasonable at $18 per bottle.

As a back up to the Laser hair treatment, there are several products that are used to complete the system to regrow hair. There are the Hair and Scalp Treatments, and the Hair Fibers.

Using these back up products completes the  Laser Hairmax Regrow Hair Treatment System that shows you how to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

Hair and Scalp Treatments

There are four products that treat the hair and scalp.

1. Shampoo. This could be the best shampoo for hair loss because it has been formulated to remove the build up of products used to manage hair like hair sprays and styling lotions as well as pollutants in the air. The shampoo contains remedial herbs and antioxidants to manage scalp health, and provide pH balance for our hair to keep it in great condition. The shampoo is also capable of increasing blood flow to the scalp by assisting in dilating blood vessels. In this way the shampoo provides natural remedies for hair loss.

6.7 fl oz/200 ml costs $20

2. Revitalizer The function of the Revitalizer is to clean and exfoliate the scalp by cleansing it of perspiration, excess oils produced by glands in the scalp and pollutants from the air. This action keeps the follicles  clear and unclogged to help regrow hair. The Revitalizer contains a mix of menthol and peppermint oil that leaves your scalp in a freshened state.

The Shampoo and the Revitalizer both help to lower the pH of the scalp which helps with the laser hair treatment.

4 fl oz / 120 ml  costs $18.

3. Conditioner The conditioner has a herbal base helping to keep your hair moist and strong. It is a simple formula that easily rinses out so there is nothing left to accumulate. The conditioner also contains light oils rich in Vitamin E and the essential fatty acids so helps repair damaged hair.

6.7 fl oz / 200 ml costs $20

4. Activator.  Hairmax call this their “Follicle Booster”. Which is a leave in serum for our hair. Activator is one of the hair loss remedies with a complex make up of nutrients, antioxidants and DHT blockers to promote hair growth. It also contains something called Niacinimde to promote the heath of the scalp

3.4 fl oz/100 ml costs $35.

The Shampoo, Conditioner and Revitalizer together cost $49.95, and the Shampoo and Conditioner together cost $35

5. Fibers. HairMax Hair Fibers are a keratin protein and are natural fibers that build the hair in a way that they blend and cling statically to our existing hair. In this way any areas of your head that have a receding hairline can be covered instantly, providing density and a natural looking cover. There are 8 colors available from Black through Brown to Light Blond.

Cost is $35.

So Click Here To Try The Laser Comb Solution

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