Hair Falling Out – What Are The Common Causes.

Hair Falling Out In Men And Women is caused by:

 Our body is constantly changing, and some of the changes tend to be more awkward for us than others. Perhaps the most unsettling change for most people can be their hair falling out, called Alopecia. Hair loss is very common and though people tend to think it mostly affects men, women are also victims to hair fall. There are many different types of hair loss that effect both men and women, but there are ways for the treatment of Alopecia to reverse and/or slow down the hair fall discussed elsewhere on this site. Click Here  

There is an immense amount of research being undertaken at present to solve the hair loss problem – a lot of it involves research  into using stem cells, and investigating the follicles in areas where hair loss is not so frequent – like the neck. For this reason I think it is wise to use “physical” means of  managing our hair fall now, to ensure our internal systems don’t hinder any future positive treatments we may be able to take advantage of later on.

 Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia

 One of the most common results of hair falling out is known as Androgenetic Alopecia. This is commonly known as male pattern baldness. Don’t let the name fool you however, women can also fall victim to Alopecia, but it is the leading thing to cause  hairloss in men. What causes Androgenetic Alopecia? Unfortunately, hormones and genetics play the strongest part.

Patterns of Hair Falling oute

                                                                                                   The different patterns of hairloss in men and women

What happens is that over time the hair follicles in your head begin to shrink which results in thin hair being produced by the follicle. After shrinking for some time, the follicle eventually stops producing hair all together so resulting in scalp hair loss. 

 Trichotillomania, A Behavioural Problem That Causes Hair Fall

 Another common type of behaviour that results in losing hair is known as Trichotillomania. Trichotillomania is caused by a mental disorder, which is similar to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) where people have no control over their actions under certain circumstances. People who suffer from Trichotillomania pull their own hair out of their head during times of heavy stress. After twisting and pulling some hair out for some time, thin hair is the result. Unfortunately, since Trichotillomania is an impulse disorder, sufferers will continue to pull the hair from their head, until the follicle stops producing hair all together.

 Stress Can Have a Big Impact on Thinning Hair

 The other reasons for hair falling out aren’t so much types of hair loss, but are more like associated causes. Stress has many negative effects on the human body including weight loss and chest pain. Your hair is also likely to fall victim to stress producing hair fall or thinning hair. Your hair follows a specific growth cycle and stress levels can slow that cycle down or temporarily stop the process completely. The good news about stress baldness is the hair is likely to grow back when the cause of the stress is gone.

Sheep Produce Weak Wool Fibers When Stressed

Stress and hair or wool weakness is found in animals. For example, if sheep become stressed either because of bad weather conditions and lack of adequate food, especially pregnant ewes, weak fibers are produced. What is known as a “break” occurs in the wool where a section of weak hair was produced during the stressful period. When conditions improved, however, healthy wool continues to grow again.

 A Poor Diet and Hair Falling Out

 Growing hair is effected by the different nutrients that we put into our bodies. Our hair health  is based on our intake of things like biotin and proteins. If someone is not following a balanced and nutritious diet, they may actually see the effects of this poor diet because the are losing hair when they brush their hair. People who often suffer from eating disorders such as Anorexia or excessive dieting may find their hair shedding to be extreme, producing baldness. This occurs because when the body does not get the nutrients it needs from our diet, it begins to take them from other parts of our body. Since our hair is full of protein, our body will begin reducing hair grow to compensate for the nutrients it is losing through a lack of the correct food.

Just like stress, this type of hair loss is reversible. Once the person obtains a healthy diet,  and begins to supply their body with the proper nutrients,  this will slow down and stop their our hair falling out.


 Specific medications may also have an effect on reducing hair growth. One of the most common examples, unfortunately,  that results in hair falling out is chemotherapy. Losing Hair can be a side effect of many other medications, but chemo is the most prevalent for causing thinning hair. Similar to stress and poor nutrition, this type of hairloss is completely reversible once you stop taking the medication that is causing it. If you are unsure if a medication could be the cause for your hair fall, you may want to consult your doctor about the common side effects of the medication. Or visit the medications website where they often list the side effects of certain medications.

 Hair Straighteners, Shampoos And Hair Spray Are Culprits Of Hair Fall

 We all want to have beautiful hair so we style it in different ways. Heating iron hair loss occurs when we apply heat to straighten or curl our hair. Overuse of  chemicals such as hairspray to keep our hair in place can also be a factor resulting in hair falling out. What most people don’t know is this can lead to a type of hair loss referred to above as  Alopecia.  Alopecia occurs when hair is exposed to high heats and harsh chemicals that cause the hair to break. Alopecia is similar to some of the other types of hair fall, by sometimes being  reversible. If we allow the hair to “rest” i.e. stop with the heat and the spray etc., we will stop our hair falling out.  If the hair follicle is extremely damaged, however, it is possible the hair falling out problem may be permanent. As discussed elsewhere on this site there is treatment for Alopecia.

 Hair loss is more common than people may think and no gender is safe from experiencing losing hair. Though some types of hair thinning are more common in a specific gender, such as men and male pattern baldness. but excessive styling as a cause of hair falling out is more common in women.

Pregnancy hair loss can occur, and a pregnant mother’s hair may thin because of the changes occurring in her body.

Losing hair can be an embarrassing body change for anyone to experience, but often, in certain circumstances, it can be reversed or even prevented through good hygiene and diet. Of course this recovery can be assisted by using the Hairmax Laser comb treatment for hair loss.

The Part Genetics Plays In Losing Hair

 For  hair loss where genetics play a part, don’t let yourself get too down about your hair falling out. There is no reason to be embarrassed, and hiding it under a hat can sometimes cause the thinning hair rate to increase. For example, Hairmax have a  Hair Fiber product which is made of natural keratin protein that statically attaches to existing hair. It comes in 8 colors and is applied by wiping the applicator in the area where your hair is receding.

Fibers for Hair Loss

By exploring the different reasons for hair loss and figuring out which one effects you, you can begin to look into the different treatment options that may be best for you.

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